The Beginning

The history of our church is an interesting puzzle with a few missing pieces. We do know it was the first Pentecostal church in the Goodsprings/Gorgas, Alabama area. The Goodsprings Full Gospel Church began as Rev. S. A. Ganey (pictured) held brush arbor and home prayer meetings in the community in the early 1940’s. At the time, Bro. Ganey was the General Overseer of the Original Church of God, a Pentecostal organization founded in 1939 and based in Carbon Hill, Alabama. In 1953 the organization was renamed The Full Gospel Church of God, Inc. In the beginning the Goodsprings Church had no building of its own but thrived in home prayer meetings. Officially, we can document that the Goodsprings Full Gospel Church was organized with Rev. J. F. Frasure on August 6th, 1944, with approximately 13 men and 31 women members. Our church remained in the Full Gospel Church of God until around 1989 when it became independent, leaving on good terms and in good standing, continuing to fellowship with many of the ministers and churches in the organization.

The Original Church Building

In 1945 a plot of land was purchase by the church from Joe & Lilian Baker for $175.00 as the future home of the congregation. Soon thereafter a building was erected as the first sanctuary. The picture above is the only photo we can locate of the outside of the original church building. Notice the brick siding (tar paper with a brick pattern). This was a small, simple wooden structure set up on cinder blocks. Pictured is a group of young people who were active in the church at that time.

This is a photo of New Bethany Full Gospel Church of God from the same time frame located in Dogtown, Alabama. The original Goodsprings Church building looked somewhat similar to this, except it had brick siding and did not have a steeple.

Our current sanctuary was built under the direction of Rev. Clifford Bolton in the early 1960's.
It has undergone several remodling projects since then. 
In 1964 an additional parcel of land was purchased for $400
and used for the church parsonage, which housed various ministers
and tenants over the years.

In the early 1980's, another small church building (and one-time movie theater)
was purchased and attached to the back of the sanctuary to serve as a fellowship hall.
A baptistery was also added and was used for the first time on June 6th, 1982.

In 1996 God provided the funds for us to pave our parking lot and purchase
an eye-catching sign that shares inspirational messages and announces
church events to hundreds of daily drivers on Alabama Highway 269.

In 2001, GFGC purchased 7 acres of land on Highway 269.

In 2006, God enabled us to purchase the video equipment necessary to
produce our own TV programs in house. We are able to record, edit, and
produce one-hour TV programs on DVD that feature Gospel music and
Pastor Ben's messages. These programs air weekly on Jasper's TV 16-1 and on
Charter Cable channel #10 in most of Walker County and in
parts of some surrounding counties. They can also be viewed by live stream on
Mondays at 9 p.m. CST and Tuesdays at noon CST at

In 2011, we underwent a $70,000 renovation project of our sanctuary.
We totally redesigned our stage, installed new pews, new carpet, new light fixtures,
an eyecatching mural in the baptistery, and purchased a beautiful new baby
grand piano. Praise the Lord!

In June 2014 we purchased 3 acres of land adjacent to ours to build a family life center
and expand our parking lot. We are currently in the planning stages of that project.

By God's grace, Goodsprings Full Gospel Church is completely debt free.
We are a growing, thriving congregation that is attempting great things
for God and expecting great things from God!