Sanctuary & Parsonage 1960’s: The current sanctuary was built under the direction of Rev. Clifford Bolton. In 1964 an additional parcel of land was purchased for $400.00 and used for the church parsonage, a house that was moved from an old mining camp. In the early 1980’s, brick was added to the parsonage and it has since been remodeled and used to house ministers and other tenants.

The church really modernized in 1969 when it purchased its first air conditioner, then again in 1974 when it added cushions to the pews.

1980’s: The fellowship hall, actually another small church building and one-time movie theater, was purchased and attached to the back of the sanctuary and remodeled in the early 1980’s. The Baptistery was soon added and was first used on June 6th, 1982.

1990’s: For the first 52 years our church never had a paved parking lot, until God blessed us with the funds to pave it in 1996. The same year the church purchased an eye-catching sign that shares inspirational messages and announces church events to hundreds of daily drivers on Highway 269.
The youth Sunday School classroom, a former lunch room for coal miners, was donated to the church in 1999. It was originally used as a storage building, then converted into a very nice classroom.

In 2001, GFGC purchased 7 acres of land for $25,000 as the future home of our new Sanctuary. Currently we are raising funds in order to build.


Praise God for our new church bus! God blessed us to pay for it with cash ($54,000.00) It's a 2006 Turtle Top Odyssey Ford E450.
It will carry 24 passengers and will be a great asset to
our youth and senior's ministries on the trips they take.